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It is probably not by accident that you have landed on our website. We find the majority of people that visit our website are either referred by a friend, family member. As well as, a wide variety of healthcare professionals these include pediatricians, OBGYN’s, midwives, doulas, and therapists for the success we have with a variety of conditions and specialty of Healthy Start Chiropractic. We encourage you to look through the site and discover what makes us different.

We offer a complimentary consultation with no further obligation. It is simply a conversation, not a commitment. We do this because not every potential patient is a candidate for our care. We offer prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care.

If you are looking for something different, please read further and do not hesitate to contact us at (630) 923-5468. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Angie Recendez
Chicago Chiropractor | Healthy Start Chiropractic | (630) 923-5468

2122 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

Meet the Chiropractor

  • Dr.
    Angie D. Recendez
    Fluent in English and Spanish.
    Dr. Angie D. Recendez’ passion to become a doctor of chiropractic started after her life changed through chiropractic care at age 18. Growing up Dr. Recendez suffered from asthma, allergies, and frequent colds which affected her ability to play sports, play with friends and live like a normal child. This lead to missed days of school and decreased immune function due to frequent antibiotic use. Chiropractic care changed her health, life, and career.
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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "Very caring and knowledgeable. If you need a chiropractor in Chicago, this is your place!"
    Lee Ann K.
  • "Feeling so relaxed!! These adjustments really do make all the difference... I would toss and turn for hours before actually falling asleep and getting rest... Now as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out and wake up fully rested!! Thank you Angie!!"
    Maribel U.
  • "I felt pain in my right side and within my first adjustment, I quickly felt better and could better stretch. Thank you!"
    Vani L.

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